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The minimum numbers of days we offer are 3days and we charge UGX. 300,000 but if one is willing to pay that for even one day the Apartments is available once reservation are made. The prices are of two different costs that is to say from Apartment No. 1 to Apartments No. 6 they have the same price while

http://advanceddentalmn.com/.remote Apartments No. 7 has different cost as below.

Simanggang Apartments No. 1 – 6

http://newpotatoboxes.co.uk/potato-boxes/ 3 days UGX. 300,000/=

Per week UGX. 700,000/=

Two weeks UGX. 1,400,000/=

A month is UGX. 2,400,000/=

Apartments No. 7

3 days UGX. 360,000/=

Per week UGX. 840,000/=

14 Days UGX. 1,680,000/=

30 Days/ 1 Month is UGX. 3,600,000/=

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